Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethyl Alcohol (240 mL)




Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethyl Alcohol (240 mL) – Instant No Wash Antibacterial 8 oz Gel, FDA Approved, Made in USA

Our brand new, high quality 8oz hand sanitizer gel is made with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. It’s the perfect anti bacterial, antivirus, disinfectant moisturizer to wash off and kill any germ in an instant.

• KILLS 99.9% GERMS: Antivirus 8 fl oz hand sanitizer and antiseptic disinfectant antibacterial gel, perfect to kill any virus. Keep your hands every day clean.

• PROTECTS & MOISTURIZES: Instant moisturizer with natural ingredients that improves skincare and skin health. This moisturizing & sanitizing lotion for dry hands is the best alcohol hand rub to wash off all germs.

• 70% ETHYL ALCOHOL: A must have for Covid-19 season. This alcohol-based liquid hand soap helps stop the spread of illness causing germs like Coronavirus and Norovirus.

• ON THE GO: Our hand sanitizer kit is the perfect travel size and portable bottle. Leave it in your pocket, your car, and even your backpack. Take this anti bacterial gel anywhere and everywhere! Keep free from bacteria all day.