Top coronavirus news for May 22, 2020:

The United Nations says the coronavirus in Yemen is spreading rapidly and its health care system “has in effect collapsed”.

Some restaurants in New York are redesigning their space and creating new protocol for staff as they look towards reopening this summer. Measures like temperature checks, plastic dividers between tables and sanitizer-infused towels may be seen at restaurants.

Spanish authorities will be allowing bars and restaurants to reopen with restrictions in Madrid on Monday. Groups of up to 10 people will be allowed to gather.

People are apparently being turned away from hospitals in Mexico City as both public and private health care facilities fill up and the virus continues to spread.

A 37-year old Thai street artist is spray painting murals on the walls of Bangkok, in the hopes of livening up the city. The artist is featuring what he refers to as “winged creatures”, resembling birds dressed as health workers fighting against an ominous-looking green coronavirus.

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