Hospitals are quieter and shops and cafes are tentatively re-opening. Italy is trying to get back to some kind of normality. But how has the #Covid19 pandemic affected front line workers? Subscribe to our channel here:

The story of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak starts here.

On 20 February, there were no known cases of Covid-19 in Europe.

The people of Lodi never expected their small hospital to become the epicentre of the outbreak.

Head of A&E Dr Stefano Paglia tells Newsnight: “In this situation, to think about going back to normal is a trap.

“There has always been this tendency to be in denial. Now we’re in a new phase.

“And I see this obsession with getting back to normal. I think we have to accept that this is our new normal.

“And we have to deal with it”.

International Editor Gabriel Gatehouse reports.

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