Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is offering $14 billion to the provincial and territorial governments for measures to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Trudeau says Canadians have sacrificed too much to allow a mishandled resumption of economic activity to eliminate the progress against the disease.

He says everyone in Canada needs the same tools but local situations vary and the provincial and territorial governments “have a very clear idea” of what is needed.

Trudeau also said recent reports of police violence against Indigenous people are “disturbing” and the cases need to be “investigated properly.”

While the prime minister didn’t specify the reports he was speaking about, this week, an RCMP officer in Nunavut was caught on camera hitting a 22-year-old Inuk man with the door of a moving truck, and a 26-year-old First Nations mother in New Brunswick was shot and killed by police.


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