0:00 Australia has its biggest one day jump in coronavirus cases for quite some time with a relatively high figure in Victoria. NSW was a stark contrast this morning to Victoria with just one new case and Qld has made a major announcement about schools returning

In this update:

0:15 Victoria has recorded 22 new cases coronavirus cases overnight. 19 of those cases are connected to a cluster at an abattoir in Melbourne.

0:30 Two separate cases have been detected at schools in Victoria and New South Wales. A teacher in Melbourne’s north tested positive, while a school on Sydney’s outskirts is closed after a student contracted COVID-19.

0:41 The return to school in Queensland will begin in stages from next Monday. Kindy, prep, years one, 11 and 12 can return from May 11. Years two to ten will continue with remote learning until they return on May 25.

0:59 Tough new measures are being introduced at a western Sydney aged care home, where 14 residents have died. Every staff member arriving for work will be tested and some residents are being moved to another part of the facility.

1:13 The US is intensifying its attack on China, claiming it deliberately misled the world over the outbreak. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has repeated allegations that the virus was man-made and escaped from a Wuhan laboratory.

1:29 Russia and India have both recorded their highest daily number of new cases with more than ten and a half thousand in Russia and two and a half-thousand in India. Meanwhile Brazil has become the first country in Latin America to record more than 100 thousand cases.

1:46 European countries which are beginning to ease restrictions include Italy, Spain and the UK. Britain is also preparing to launch a virus tracing app, as is France.

In more detail:

1:58 Reporter Stephanie Ferrier – Victoria has recorded 22 new cases coronavirus cases overnight with 19 of those connected to a cluster at an abattoir in Melbourne

5:20 Queensland schools re open – Qld Premier

6:57 Reporter Lara Hyams – A school in Sydney’s west has been closed after a student tested positive to coronavirus.

10:22 North America correspondent, David Lipson – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has thrown support behind Australia’s call for an independent inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus in China and backed claims that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab.

12:24 Europe correspondent, Linton Besser – Adults in Spain have been allowed to exercise outside for the first time in 7 weeks over the weekend. The relaxation in rules came as Italy, Spain and Britain all recorded their lowest daily deaths tolls in weeks.

15:08 Singapore has recorded more than 650 new coronavirus cases, as the country prepares to start easing its restrictions. Just ten of the new cases are Singaporean permanent residents, with the majority of the other cases being foreign workers living in dormitories. Singapore has largely curbed the spread of the disease among locals outside the dormitories. The country’s total death toll stands at 18.

15:38 Italy has registered the lowest daily number of coronavirus related deaths since just after its lockdown began two months ago. The country is now preparing to relax some of its tougher restrictions on people’s movements. 174 more people have died but the numbers of those currently infected with the virus and of patients in intensive care continue to fall. From today, Italians will be able to exercise, they’ll also be able to visit relatives but not friends within their region.

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