Queensland health authorities are trying to find out how Australia’s youngest coronavirus victim became infected in a town with no known cases.

In this update:

0:11 – A fever clinic has opened in the central Queensland town of Blackwater after the death of Nathan Turner. He was found dead on Tuesday and later tested positive to the virus. Anyone experiencing covid-19 symptoms is being encouraged to be tested.

0:24 – The Melbourne meatworks at the centre of Victoria’s biggest outbreak is returning to full operations today. Cedar Meats has been linked to more than 110 cases but there have been no new infections in the past week.

0:38 – The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States has surpassed 100,000. The number of confirmed cases there is almost at 1.7 million.

0:47 – The World Health Organisation has launched a foundation to raise money from “non-traditional sources.” That’s after US President Donald Trump threatened to permanently pull funding

0:57 – New South Wales ski fields will be able to open from June 22nd. Work is underway to ensure appropriate safety measures at Thredbo, Charlotte Pass and Perisher.

In more detail:
1:08 – Live cross to reporter Rachel McGhee in Blackwater
3:39 – Live cross to reporter Elias Clure in Melbourne
5:27 – Live cross to Political reporter Jade MacMillan in Canberra

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