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After the University of Notre Dame and Michigan State University became the latest colleges to move classes online because of the coronavirus, US President Donald Trump urged schools to continue with in-person learning.

“We have learned one thing, there is nothing like campus. There is nothing like being with the teacher as opposed to being on a computer board,” Trump said.

Trump downplayed the likelihood of severe illness from the coronavirus among young people, saying it was comparable to the “seasonal flu.”

Colleges continue to struggle to contain outbreaks and students continue to congregate in large groups without masks or social distancing.

Notre Dame president the Rev. John Jenkins announced the university’s decision to cancel in-person undergraduate classes for two weeks in an address to students and staff.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, said Wednesday Democrats and Republicans are closer to reaching a bipartisan coronavirus relief deal after House Speak Nancy Pelosi called back the House for a rare Saturday vote on a bill that would provide $25 billion to the U.S. Postal Service.

“I think the outlook for a skinny deal is better than it’s ever been, and yet we are still not there,” Meadows said. “If Speaker Pelosi moves forward a single bill on postal … let’s add in the things we can agree upon.”

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