New York’s Mid-Hudson region has been cleared to reopen Tuesday, more than two months after a lawyer from New Rochelle spawned the state’s first virus cluster, one that would spread to Manhattan and New Jersey and prompt Gov. Andrew Cuomo to deploy the National Guard — the first containment move in what would be a series of shutdown orders over the next few weeks.

Long Island will enter Phase I Wednesday, Cuomo said, as he announced New York’s lowest daily virus death toll (73) since the pandemic hit the Empire State. Now it’s time to fully turn the page in the battle against the coronavirus, the governor said. He shifted his focus as of Memorial Day to a two-track plan — one track is to monitor regional reopenings. The other is to “supercharge” the reopenings, accelerating long-overdue infrastructure programs like rebuilding Penn Station while ridership is low and kickstarting the LaGuardia AirTrain project.

Cuomo said he would meet with President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., Wednesday to discuss how the U.S. government can help expedite these efforts.

“You have an infrastructure that’s crumbling, you need to jumpstart the economy, you need to create jobs, do it now,” Cuomo said. “It’s just common sense.”

At the same time, he is zeroing his focus on New York City, which will be the state’s only region still on PAUSE by Wednesday. Cuomo plans to target resources to the city’s highest-impact ZIP codes, which are the prime sources of new infections and hospitalizations, state data shows. In some of those communities, the infection rate is double the citywide average, the governor said.