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Approximately 1,500 protesters demonstrating against coronavirus measures gathered in Rome at the ‘Piazza della bocca della verita,’ the famous Roman landmark which translates to ‘mouth of the truth square,’ on Saturday.

Protesters waved Italian flags while chanting for more freedom and liberty. Some protesters could be seen with Donald Trump flags and the crowd roared in support for the US President when asked to by a speaker.

Conspiracy theories were shared openly, with Hungarian investor George Soros and Microsoft founder Bill Gates becoming the main targets of outlandish theories.

“Soros, Gates, they substitute themselves for God. They choose who should die and who should live, and how many people there should be alive on Earth,” stated protesting Alessandra.

“What did these people die from? They filmed coffins that came from Lampedusa and claimed that those people had died from COVID,” roared Maria.

The square is famous for having a Roman landmark in which one places their hand in the ‘mouth of the truth’ and the tale says that if they have lied, their hand will be bitten by the mouth.

Anti-coronavirus rallies such as this one are becoming ever-more regular, last weekend thousands gathered in Berlin with a similar message to share.

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