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Vacationers transiting in Rome’s Termini train station shared their opinions, on Sunday, on travelling in the time of coronavirus, against the backdrop of a spike in cases in Sardinia, Lazio, Tuscany, Lombardy and Veneto.

Some of the passengers pointed out the indifference of fellow passengers and concern of a potential renewed lockdown. One of the passengers said he noticed “much indifference.”

“Lots of people don’t know how things really are. Despite the cases increasing, people do not use masks and do not really care,” he said.

The passenger said he hopes a lockdown won’t be reimposed because “it has already created so much inconvenience and considerable economic losses.”

Another passenger expressed the same concerns, saying that he hopes a lockdown won’t be reimposed because it “would not be a good thing.”

“But compared to March I think that we are more prepared, we would not live it as in those months. In March it was really a shock, but it could be possible anyway. We hope not,” he said.

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