For more on global coronavirus cases surpassing 10 million, and record spikes in Florida and Texas, click here:

For more on Trump retweeting a video of a fan yelling “white power” and the Breonna Taylor protest shooting, click here:

Here’s what else is happening in your world this week:

-Meet NYC’s Sikh community handing out free meals to #BlackLivesMatter protesters during #Covid19

-How to deal with loneliness during a pandemic

-What we can learn from South Africa’s battles against HIV and TB

– The big question: are we going back into lockdown?

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00:00 – Top Stories This Week

00:27 – NYC’s Sikh Community Helps Protesters

02:22 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Daughter Speaks

03:07 – Will We Go Back Into Lockdown?

05:55 – Black Lives Matter Protests Around the World

07:47 – Covid-19 Treatment Progress

09:58 – What South Africa Has Learned from HIV and TB

13:20 – Economy Update

16:50 – TikTok Teens Register for Trump Rally

17:40 – Fighting Loneliness During Lockdown

21:40 – The Hug Tunnel Bringing Elderly Residents Together

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